Is “The Amazing Train” a real palace that travels on rails?
This unique, high quality, interactive children’s storybook app, written by Shoham D, tells the story of four children on their amazing journey, filled with colors, fantasy and exciting adventures. Beautiful music and sound effects together with the original astonishing 3D illustrations and animations by Rakesh Nanda, create an enchanting atmosphere through which the story comes alive.

While stimulating the imagination, curiosity and creative thinking, this story encourages children to read through a positive literary experience

The train is leaving so jump aboard!!!

The Amazing Train:

  • Does not collect or share any location and/or personal data
  • Does not contain any ads
  • The Full version does not contain In-App Purchases
  • Does not contain Social Network Integration
  • Does not contain web browser links
  • The app contains links to the AppStore (rate) and “more apps” with a security feature restricting